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The Widecombe Tithe Apportionments

The Widecombe Tithe Apportionments were completed in 1843 to officially record the tithes payable to the parish and the ecclesiastical authorities according to the size and value of the land in the parish.

This represented a commutation of the tithes previously payable in various ways, e.g. in kind, to tithes payable only in cash.

The tithe apportionment register is best used in conjunction with the Tithe Map of the parish as the field numbers used cross-refer to the field numbers provided on the map. The two documents together provide a valuable snapshot of the appearance and ownership of land in the parish in 1843 and also the field names that were in use.

The tithe map is a separate digital asset not in our collection, but is now available online and can be obtained on CD. It can also be viewed at the South West Heritage Trust in Exeter.

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Reference Number Description More Detail
A053 Widecombe-in-the-Moor Tithe Apportionment Register 1843 - Full Register

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