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The Main Parish Archive

The main Widecombe Parish Archive consists primarily of documents and other artefacts that have been stored in the Parish Chest in Widecombe for many years. Most of these documents have now being handed over to the South West Heritage Trust for safekeeping.

This page lists, in summary form, those documents, photographs or other artefacts from this archive that are currently available online.

This list will increase as new items are added to the online collection, but we will only ever add records that can be safely placed into the public domain.

Please click here to view the list of items from the main archive that are NOT available online.

You can use the button on the right of an entry to go directly to a more detailed list of your chosen catalogue item's contents, from which you can utilise the search facilities.

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Reference Number Description More Detail
All Items Main Archive - All Items
A002 Widecombe Overseers' Accounts 1700-1733
A003 Widecombe Overseers' Accounts 1734-1756
A004 Widecombe Overseers' Accounts 1756-1771
A005 Widecombe Overseers' Accounts 1772-1785
A006 Widecombe Overseers' Accounts 1799-1809
A007 Widecombe Overseers' Accounts 1810-1824
A008 Fragments of Widecombe Overseers' Accounts with dates of 1683-1684
A021 Widecombe Churchwardens' Accounts 1712-1745
A022 Widecombe Churchwardens' Accounts 1747-1770
A023 Widecombe Churchwardens' Accounts 1803-1844
A024 Widecombe Churchwardens' Accounts 1845-1877
A025 Various Parish Documents mainly relating to the Widecombe Workhouse - 1800s
A026 Highways Section Accounts 1769 to 1779
A027 Surveyors of the Highways Account Book 1780 to 1808
A028 Surveyors of the Highways Account Book 1837 to 1842
A029 Surveyors of the Highways Account Book 1841 to 1846
A030 Surveyors of the Highways Account Book 1857 to 1864
A031 List of Clothing Provided by the Parish 1834 to 1836
A033 Widecombe School Board Accounts 1800s
A034 Charity School Board Papers 1800s
A036 Feoffees of Church House 1759
A037 Charles Stanbury's Lease 1749
A038 Receipts etc for various items of work to the Church and Church House mainly 1876/7
A039 Change of Feoffees for Parish land at Widecombe - 1703
A040 Grant of the Church House and Butparke May 1608
A041 Deed of Customs 1585 to 1586
A042 Lease of Lady Meadow 1733
A043 Feoffment of Church House 1636
A044 Deed of Feoffees of Church House and Henhay 1703
A045 Mainly Charity Commission Papers relating to Widecombe Charities 1800s
A046 Newton Abbot Union - Overseers' Receipts and Payments 1890s
A047 Register of Mortgages: Widecombe School 1881-1885
A056 Photocopy of Tithe Map 1843
A057 Miss Louisa Warren, Assistant Teacher Widecombe School 1889-1902
A060 Transcripts by Robert Dymond of Deed of Customs and List of tenements from which churchwardens are drawn
A061 List of Parish council minute books, 1894 to 1978
A062 Deed for the Lady House 1714 and Lease of Lady Meadow 1779
A063 Deed of Surrender of Lady House and Meadow 1684
A064 Widecombe Chronicle and Dartmoor Gazette 1875
A069 Early Parish Council Papers 1800s including Widow's Gift
A070 Widecombe in The Moor Tug of War Team 1926
A071 Widdicombe Morris Dancers 1920s
A074 Byelaws for Widecombe Village Green 1925
A076 Miscellaneous Documents Relating to Widecombe School 1880s and 1890s
C001 Widecombe Parish Baptism Register (Part) 1894 - 1913
C004 Leusdon Parish Baptism Register (Part) 1863 - 1916
C005 Leusdon Parish Burials Register (Part) 1863 - 1918

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