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Parish Documents: Apprenticeships, Examinations, Removal Orders etc

This is the collection of largely indentured documents stored in the Widecombe Parish Chest. The documents here are largely Parish Apprenticeships, which are the binding of poor children of the parish to an employer usually until aged 21. They normally received no pay, just board and lodging etc., but did hopefully learn a trade that would be useful later on. Examinations are records of examinations of people; this was often done because it was thought that the person did not belong in the parish, hence the third type of document, the Removal Order, that was an official order for the person to remove themselves from the parish.

This set of documents was originally published on CD as the Parish Documents Database. We have now added the images to the database and brought the search inline with the other archives. This means that some of the relationships are lost but can still be obtained through more indirect means.

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Reference Number Description More Detail
All All Indenture Records
A011 Register of children bound or assigned by overseers and guardians of the poor of Widecombe in the Moor 1802-1839
A052 Examinations etc
A052 Parish Apprenticeships
A052 Removal Orders

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