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The Widecombe History Group Archive

The Widecombe History Group Archive is the collection of material that belongs to the Widecombe History Group, or has been loaned to the History Group for the purpose of digitising.

A selection of that archive is being made available online. You can therefore expect the list of items available for viewing and searching via this page to grow over time.

Please click here to view the list of items from the History Group archive that are NOT currently available online.

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Reference Number Description More Detail
All Items History Group Archive - All Items
H110 Rate book for the relief of the poor of Widecombe July 1890
H250 Widicombe Highway Rate book for the year 1838
H251 Rate book for the relief of the poor of Widecombe for the fourth quarter 13.12.1847
H252 Rate book for the relief of the poor of Widecombe 20.11.1877
H253 Rate book for the relief of the poor of Widecombe 11 October 1907
H255 Widecombe in the Moor, District Haytor, Income Tax. Collectors Duplicate of First Assessments. Year ending 5.4.1870
H256 Various documents relating to land at Wooder and Coombe Quarter 1745-1897
H257 Newton Abbot Union statement of numbers and classes of paupers relieved, and financial receipts expenditure and balances for the half year ended Michaelmas 1852
H258 Collection of financial correspondence concerning Baron de Hochepied deceased,& E F Oldham 1899-1904
H260 Printed Charity Commission document dated 4th January 1881 concerning the building of the National School in the parish of Leusdon
H261 Correspondence between the Charity Commission Whitehall & the Trustees of Widecombe Church House & Land re sale to the School Board 1880-1881
H262 Abstract of settlement of marriage of Mr & Mrs Drake, 21st May 1855
H263 Copies of indentures etc proving entitlement of messuages & lands situate at Widdicombe - Wooder & Coombe Estates, also land at Trendlebeer, Okehampton, & land at Samford Spiney, all in Devon to Albert Broderick dated 1886
H264 Instructions to Advise on Title & Draft Mortgage to Mr & Mrs Longhurst's Trustees from Albert Broderick Esq. 1886
H265 Copy valuation re Wooder Estate- A Broderick Esq and Mr & Mrs Longhurst's Trustees to be let with the House 1886
H266 Mortgage of land etc in Widdecombe. A Brodrick esq to Messrs D Ward & S Tozer 1st February 1888
H267 Abstract of Title concerning The Wooder Estate 1896. Purchase by Jas Robert Gardiner & Solomon Tozer
H268 Hand written notice that Richard Ford had no claim under mortgage made by William Addems Hannaford on sale of Bullaton Estate Bovey Tracey 14.9.1912
H270 Surveyor of Highways, Parish of Widecombe 1852-1857
H271 Postcards views Widecombe and district 1950s/60s?
H274 Modern Exercise Book containing notes/translation of old documents about the Hamlyns, Kingshead Farm etc from 1667 to 1937, plus photocopies of Hamlyn of Widecombe in the Moor Lineage
H276 Lydford & Princetown Parish Magazines 1912
H280 Pages from William Camden's "Britannia", section contains the description of the County of Devon, with note by Hermon French
H282 Widecombe Fair Programme (undated, but between 1991 and 1996)
H286 Copy of Poster advertising Southway Farm - stock raising farm to be let by tender 1922
H287 Handwritten & printed sales details and maps of Tor Royal Estate in Devonshire to be sold on 26.9.1828 plus two printed copies of the accounts for Dartmoor Exploration Committee for 1894
H288 Sale particulars of Scobitor Estate, Widecombe 9.10.1929
H289 Sweaton Farm Estate Map 1966 used at sale by auction by Rendells 1966
H290 Particulars, Plans & Conditions of Sale of The Sandridge Estate, Widecombe in the Moor, Ashburton, Staverton & Buckfastleigh 1921
H292 Scanned copy of Widecombe Fair programme 13.9.1932
H300 Mr Philip Hill and Avis his wife and Mr George Hamlyn and Mary his wife to Mr John Hamlyn - Lease for a year re Wooder Manor dated 15.9.1839
H301 Conveyance in Fee concerning the Wooder Estate 1839
H302 Assignment in Lands at Wooder Estate, 1840
H303 Mr John Hamlyn to Mr Robert Tucker in Trust for Miss Weatherdon - Appointment in Fee of Moiety of Wooder Estate 8.10.1839
H304 Two Indentures. Conveyances concerning the Wooder Estate 1840
H306 Statutory Declaration of Mr T B Harvey re Drake, dated 22.1.1886 - copy
H308 Draft Lease of Wooder and Coombe Farms and other lands, Widecombe-in-the-Moor, from 25.03.1895 ,dated 12.11.1895
H310 Hand written Poor Rate Book for the Parish of Widicoombe in the Moor 12.3.1845
H311 Devon New County Rate settled and approved at Epiphany Sessions 1817 - handwritten divided into the hundreds
H312 Document by Robert Dymond extracted from report of Charity Commissioners 1826 regarding Widecombe Church House and Land Charity
H313 Land Tax Assessment, Widecombe-in-the-Moor, 1827
H314 Award Report of meeting in the Parish of Widdicombe in the Moor, Devon to award rent charges in lieu of tithes 15.10.1841 - copy
H315 Agreement between Messrs Irish & Parker with the Landowners of Widecombe to measure and map the Parish for the Tithe Commissioners 1844
H316 Agreement between Mr John Germon with the Landowners of Widecombe in the Moor to value the Parish and apportion the Rent Charge for the Tithe Commissioners 1843
H318 Widecombe in the Moor, District Haytor, Income Tax Collectors Appointment & Warrant. Dated 22.12.1869
H319 Supplementary Abstract of Title of Albert Broderick to Coombe, Lordship of Widecombe Town, to Moor Lands called North Hall and Bartons - 1886
H320 Abstract of Title of freehold messuages and lands situate at Wooder and Combe Widdicombe in the County of Devon of Albert Brodrick 1896
H321 Map marked WF referred to in 1896 declaration of William Ford showing Widecombe Town Manor, with Coombe, Wooder Manor, North Hall and Northway fields in colour
H323 Mrs Goff and others to Firth, Requisitions on Title and Replies re Wooder Estate - copy 1852-1903
H324 letters and hand drawn maps of fields relating to Wooder, Northhall, Widecombe Town Manor 1903
H340 Probate of Will of Elias Cuming 8th December 1826
H341 Particulars of the Wooder Estate, including field names and common rights, 1896
H342 Plan, Particulars and conditions of Sale, Widecombe Manor, and Lordship of Manor of Widecombe Town 1903
H343 Particulars of sale of Bonehill Estate including Bonehill Villa and map 1907
H344 Sale of stock and motor car poster printed one side 14.5.1931
H345 Various items relating to Leusdon School including summary accounts, receipts etc, 1894-96
H346 Accounts Papers concerning Leusdon & Widecombe School including attendances and payments to pupils, 1901-1914
H347 Receipts concerning Ladywell Meadow Charity 1910 - 1914
H348 Widecombe Charities: Various receipts for work at Dunstone cottages etc - Documents of Widecombe Church House & Lands Charity 1895-1910
H351 Particulars of an Auction held at Southcombe, Widecombe for selling grass, for Mr H H Hannaford 1915- list of purchasers
H365 Re Brodrick-copy exhibits referred to in the declaration of Thomas Boon Harvey made 22nd January 1886. Handwritten information on the births, deaths and marriages relating to the Brodrick family from 1798
H366 Declaration of Matilda Salter Brodrick. Handwritten information on the births, deaths and marriages relating to the Brodrick family from 1793 made 28.12.1885
H380 Early Views around Widecombe 1880-1910
H381 Photograph taken in 1903 down Brook Lane towards village with the three daughters of Mr & Mrs Radcliffe of Bag Park
H382 Planting a tree in Widecombe churchyard to commemorate the Coronation of George VI 1937
H383 Widecombe Home Guard 1939 - 1945 taken outside lych gate on village square
H384 1962 - Switching on the electricity in Widecombe
H385 Widecombe District WI 1965
H386 Tug of War Team (photo was in the Old inn) 1920?
H387 Widecombe Bell ringers
H388 Photograph of Mary Hamlyn and Frank Nosworthy either at Devon County Show or Widecombe Fair
H389 Photographs of interesting stones in Widecombe Parish
H390 Early photographs around Widecombe Parish
H391 Photographs of Widecombe and Leusdon Schools
H392 Photograph of Widecombe school class outside Church House - date unknown
H393 Photograph of Widecombe school class 1937
H394 Photographs of Widecombe school classes
H395 Photograph of the first Widecombe sign with crowd of people (identities unknown) probably at unveiling- c1922
H396 WHG Postcard collection - photos of around Widecombe
H397 Large number of photographs of local subjects
H400 Tracing of plans of Lake Farm a 17th century Dartmoor Farmstead and drawing of fields of Lake Farm showing original 'catch work' irrigation
H401 Various drawings of farm implements and farm processes etc. By Freda Wilkinson
H402 Notebook of Rev J Gilbert White of Leusdon regarding Leusdon parishioners with sketch maps, accounts of activities, and school inspection reports 1879-1886
H403 Photographs of the Leusdon Vicars
H404 Letter written to Rev. White from Dr Blackall dated 21.12.1888
H406 Various photographs of Leusdon Church
H407 Various items relating to Leusdon Church
H408 Various items relating to Leusdon Church anniversaries
H409 Printed copies of several letters concerning the formation of the church, curacy and school at Leusdon 1860
H410 Printed copy of the cover of Leusdon Parish Magazine and explanation of the design
H412 Early Poundsgate Post Office Photographs pre-1918
H423 Legal documents relating to Lower Aish, Poundsgate - various dates
H424 Legal documents relating to Chittleford and Tunhill - various dates
H425 Legal documents relating to Cordon farm 1852 and 1864
H426 Legal documents relating to Cressons Hay, Lower Town, Poundsgate and others - various dates
H427 Legal documents relating to Dockwell and others - various dates
H428 Legal documents relating to Drywell Farm - various dates
H429 Legal documents relating to Dunstone - various dates
H430 Legal documents relating to Foxworthy - various dates
H431 Legal documents relating to Hannaford - various dates
H432 Legal documents relating to Hatchwell - various dates
H433 Agreement re Mortgage: Mr J Brown of Brixham to Mr J Easterbrook of Jordan - 24.10.1874
H434 Legal documents relating to Kingshead - various dates
H435 Legal documents relating to Natsworthy, (or Lower Nottisworthy) - various dates
H436 Legal documents relating to Pitton - various dates
H437 Legal documents relating to Poundsgate and Lower Town - various dates
H438 Legal documents relating to Rowbrook - various dates
H439 Legal documents relating to Scobitor - various dates
H440 Legal documents relating to Shallaford - various dates
H441 Legal documents relating to Sherwell (Sherill) Farm - various dates
H442 Legal documents relating to Southcombe - various dates
H443 Legal document relating to Tor Estate 1893
H444 Legal documents relating to Venton - various dates
H445 Legal documents relating to Widecombe residents - various dates
M001 Photograph of Widecombe in the Moor Oak Parish Chest and inscription inside lid 1888
M002 Set of Sale Posters 1900s-1960s
M005 Widecombe in the Moor village community photograph in front of Church House - Undated
M013 Seven family photos from Ena Smerdon including Leusdon School, late 1800s - 1915
M028 Kelly’s Directory – 2 pages relating to Widecombe in the Moor – 1893
M029 Abstract of Conveyance to William Norrish, from the Indentures of Lease and Release dated 1774 regarding Hamlyn’s Tenement part of the Manor of Dunstone with the exception of a parcel of land called Rugglestone Moor – 1784
M030 Lease of a Piece of Waste Land called Rugglestone Waste formerly part of Rugglestone Moor in the Manor of Dunstone for 99 years for building a cottage – Mr William Hamlyn to Mr James Lee - 1830
M031 Release of Messuage & Tenement called Rugglestone situate in the Parish of Widecombe in the Moor and Covenant called Doccombe Mills in Moretonhampstead, Devon – Mr William Hamlyn to Mr John Hamlyn – 1844
M032 Appointment of Lands in Widecombe, Devon and Covenant to Surrender a Copyhold Tenement called Doccombe Mills in Moretonhampstead, Devon – Mr John Hamlyn to Miss Grace Potter – 1844
M033 Re Purchase of Rugglestone Moor declaration by Mr William Norrish – 1845
M034 Certified copies from Register of Marriages of William Hamlyn and Elizabeth Hext by bans - 22.10.1760 & baptism of William, son of William Hamlyn and Elizabeth - 1761 by J H Mason, Vicar of Widecombe – 1845
M035.001 Appointment & Release of Ruglestone Moor otherwise Ruglestone - Mr John Hamlyn & his Mortgagee to Messrs Wreyford Cleave & Warren in trust for the The Poundsgate Amicable Society – 1845
M035.002 The Poundsgate Amicable Society - memorandum re 10% allowed to the club on purchase 1845
M036 Elizabeth French’s declaration re Close of land called Rugglestone - 1845
M037 Declaration of John Tremills concerning unenclosed parcel of land called Rugglestone Waste formerly part of the Rugglestone Moor in the Manor of Dunstone – 1845
M038 Re The Poundsgate Club Society – note of authority for Charles Warren of Ponsworthy – 1879
M039 Appointment of new Trustees and Conveyance in fee of certain premises, belonging to The Poundsgate Amicable Society, in Widecombe – Mr J Cleave and another to Mr W French & others, Mr A Kevill Townsend – 1879
M040 Certified copy of Baptism Certificate of William Evans, son of James & Arabella Douglas French of Stoke Damerel, 1812 by W Mantle Curate – 1880
M041 Agreement to sell – Abraham Kivell Townsend & Edwin Hext to William H J Mortimer – 29th November 1890 of the Rugglestone Inn and about 6 acres of land
M042 Conveyance in fee of Inn, Lands & Premises, called Rugglestone - Mr A K Townsend (surviving Trustee) and others to Mr W H Mortimer – 1890
M043 Re The Poundsgate Club – declaration by Richard Brooking as to identity of William French deceased – 1891
M044 Certified copies of entries in the Leusdon Register of Burials of John Cleave -12th December 1879 and William Henry French – 16th March 1888 certified by Gilbert White, Vicar of Leusdon – no certification date
M050.001 Five postcards by Beatrice Chase with description on back
M050.002 Nineteen postcards of Widecombe and surrounding area
M057.001 Black and white photographs taken from the book Dartmoor Snapshots by Beatrice Chase, maybe proof copy see corrections - 1931
M057.002 Leaflet about Dartmoor Snapshots by Beatrice Chase - 1931
M067 Photograph of postman with dog by Poundsgate Old Post Office - c. 1901

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